Who We’ve Helped

The team at GasMastor are seasoned globe-trotters, visiting small communities and big business alike in Asia, Europe, America and back home in Australia.

Having diverse and interconnected technology we are able to offer complete solutions that are tailored to the very specific needs of each of our customers.

Read some of our successful GasMastor case studies.

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GasMastor Advantages

Reduced Emissions
  • Significant reductions in CO2, NOx and particulates.
Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Substituting more expensive diesel with a cheaper gas delivers significant $$$ savings.
Increased Engine Efficiency
  • Using a flammable gas to encourage complete combustion greatly increases the efficiency of the engine.
Extended Engine Life
  • Soot is the abrasive by-product of combustion. Lower soot build up extends engine life.
Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Engine oil analysis allows an extension of maintenance intervals and lowers life-of-engine maintenance costs.
Increased Fuel Capacity
  • The additional gas supply effectively extends the range/running time of the engine.