Mobile Engines

GasMastor is a modular system, and as such is sized to suit any mobile application. Again – either LPG, CNG, or LNG can be used – and tanks are fitted to suit the gas type and required range.

LPG is usually the preferred gas for mobile/transport applications. LPG is readily available through existing fuel distribution infrastructure and is easy to transport. For transport applications a typical substitution rate with LPG is 20% to 25% to deliver optimised emissions and maximum fuel savings.

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GasMastor Advantages

Reduced Emissions
  • Significant reductions in CO2, NOx and particulates.

Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Substituting more expensive diesel with a cheaper gas delivers significant $$$ savings.

Increased Engine Efficiency
  • Using a flammable gas to encourage complete combustion greatly increases the efficiency of the engine.

Extended Engine Life
  • Soot is the abrasive by-product of combustion. Lower soot build up extends engine life.

Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Engine oil analysis allows an extension of maintenance intervals and lowers life-of-engine maintenance costs.

Increased Fuel Capacity
  • The additional gas supply effectively extends the range/running time of the engine.