The use of Diesel / Gas as a dual fuel has been known for some time; the first patent was filed in 1905 by Rudolf Diesel, however the full potential and reliable application as an alternative fuel has had to wait for advances in computer control and fuel injection technologies before it could be properly realized.

GasMastor is a unique “One System, Multi-Applications” Diesel Gas Vapour Injection Process. The system combines advanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Methodology and Vapour Injection Technology that meets the exacting demands of today’s industrial market. The vapour injection used by GasMastor allows constant adjustment to meet all various operating conditions. The ECU continuously calculates and adjusts the injection rate of the gas 10 times per second.

GasMastor is a modular system covering a range of stationary and mobile applications including light transport, heavy transport, power generation and agricultural pumping engines.

The System:

The ECU receives a number of input signals from sensors fitted to the engine. Using these inputs and the operating parameters set by the initial installer, the ECU calculates the exact amount of gas required.

As the GasMastor system is turned on and gas starts to flow the engine seamlessly reduces the amount of diesel that is used based on the power that it needs to provide. As soon as the gas supply is switched off the engine seamlessly reverts to diesel only without any delay.

GasMastor has developed its own in-house Portable Emissions Management System (PEMS) to enable real time assessment of system performance metrics, emissions benefits, and customer value.

The diagram below is an overview of the technology. The technology is robust in design and performance.


Engine Protection and Safety:

Installed in a day, the GasMastor system constantly monitors exhaust gas and coolant temperatures. If any overheat is detected, for any reason, gas injection is shut off and a warning LED blinks and the engine will seamlessly revert to 100% diesel.

The system also interfaces with the engine control system to shut down in the event of any abnormal engine operating parameters – low oil pressure, low coolant level etc. If the engine shuts down gas flow is also shut down instantly.

When the engine is turned off the gas system shuts down simultaneously. Gas flow to the engine is isolated via a safety shut off solenoid.

“One System, Multi-Applications”


GasMastor Advantages

Reduced Emissions
  • Significant reductions in CO2, NOx and particulates.

Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Substituting more expensive diesel with a cheaper gas delivers significant $$$ savings.

Increased Engine Efficiency
  • Using a flammable gas to encourage complete combustion greatly increases the efficiency of the engine.

Extended Engine Life
  • Soot is the abrasive by-product of combustion. Lower soot build up extends engine life.

Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Engine oil analysis allows an extension of maintenance intervals and lowers life-of-engine maintenance costs.

Increased Fuel Capacity
  • The additional gas supply effectively extends the range/running time of the engine.